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About Us

We are a group of people passionate about UNIting people around the globe, 

and strike to provide UNIque experiences by meticulous PLANnings with our NETwork .


Matamata, Photo by Chloe Lau @bestvissittime


Everyone has equal opportunities to receive knowledge through experiential learning 

local incentive tour.jpg

We provide FOUR major type of services: 

1-Organizing School Tours, Field trips

2-Voluntary Service Voyages across the globe. 

3-Planning Events, Exhibitions and Workshops

4-Serving the underprivileged groups

Hk wetland park by Chloe Lau @bestvissittime


We curate journeys that enrich one's vision and cultivate impactful actions.

Hill of Cross, Photo by Chloe Lau @bestvissittime
What we do


The world changes with our worldview and we work with passion. 
Diversity makes a better us world through friendship, teamwork and community building.




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